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Free shipping available on orders over $100, including TV's!
Free shipping available on orders over $100, including TV's!

SRS-XV900 X-Series BLUETOOTH® Party Speaker

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Fill your room with Omnidirectional party sound
With Omnidirectional party sound, feel the groove in every corner with six tweeters around the front, sides and rear for clarity.

Mid-range and vocals cut through, thanks to dedicated stereo drivers, and it’s all backed up with punchy bass you can feel, thanks to an X-Balanced Speaker Unit woofer and Jet Bass Booster port.

Groundbreaking sound from our X-Balanced speaker unit
The unique rectangular design of the X-Balanced speaker diaphragm allows for a larger surface area compared to conventional speaker units. The 320 mm x 320 mm woofer unit enhances both power and clarity for distortion-free bass.

Crystal-clear sound from every angle
Our 3-way sound system delivers full, detailed sound—with an X-Balanced speaker, and Jet Bass Booster port powering quality distortion-free lows, and dedicated drivers bringing mid-range and vocal Clarity.

The party never stops
With up to 25 hours of battery life the XV900 will keep the party powered all night.

Get hours of music in minutes
A quick 10-minute charge is all you need for up to 3 hours of music.

Enjoy worry-free listening with battery care
The Battery Care function protects your speaker from overcharging, making it more dependable over time.

Hear it like it’s live
Switch on LIVE SOUND  to create that concert atmosphere and re-live your favourite live music experiences.

MEGA BASS – Give your bass a boost
Level up the low end with the touch of a button.