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Free shipping available on orders over $100, including TV's!

a7C Compact full-frame camera with 28-60mm Lens (Silver)

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The world’s smallest and lightest full-frame system
Introducing the smallest and lightest full-frame digital interchangeable-lens system with optical in-body image stabilization (with FE 28–60 mm F4–5.6 lens). Without compromising the performance of a full-frame camera the component layout body structure and internal mechanisms are all thoroughly reimagined. Operability and toughness have been optimized within a body that is approximately 19% smaller in volume and 22% lighter than the α7 III at only 509 grams.

Expressiveness only possible with a full-frame sensor
A 35-mm full-frame image sensor is about 30x larger than a 1/2.3-type smartphone sensor and even 2.3x larger than an APS-C sensor. By capturing significantly more light it opens up new creative possibilities through wider dynamic range less noise and higher perceived resolution. Deep bokeh using shallow depth of field is also possible in combination with a bright (wide-aperture) full-frame lens.

Faithfully capture what you see
The back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and BIONZ X™ image-processing engine work together beautifully. The extra-large pixels of a 24.2-megapixel full-frame sensor collect more light for a 15-stop wide dynamic range and smoother gradations from shadows to highlights. Excellent subjective resolution and reduced noise pair with precise colour reproduction for beautifully accurate skin tones and natural textures.

Stunning bokeh enabled by a full-frame sensor
Bokeh is selective focus with a blurred background that makes the subject stand out. Portraits or close-ups are enhanced with new meaning and depth. The α7C with its full-frame sensor can achieve bokeh when a smaller sensor-size camera with the same f-stop lens might not. When paired with over 50 lenses available from Sony the α7C becomes an excellent choice for creative photographic composition and movie creation.

Impressive low-light images
With its large pixel size in dimly lit situations or at high shutter speeds the camera takes beautiful pictures with low noise even when in the high-sensitivity range. Standard ISO is from 100 up to ISO 51200 (expandable from ISO 50 to ISO 204800). Noise reduction is designed to be particularly effective in the common mid-sensitivity range to faithfully reveal textures and detail in shadows.

Express yourself with E-mount lenses
Over 50 Sony E-mount lenses enable broad creative expression and a full-frame sensor allows you to leverage the full capabilities of Sony lenses. From wide angles to enhanced creative compression effects on telephoto lenses with the full-frame α7C the possibilities are endless.

The engine that powers your images
The BIONZ X image-processing engine reflects Sony’s expertise in imaging technologies. It processes images with the front-end LSI in 16 bits and outputs 14-bit RAW data for richer more natural gradations even in silent or continuous shooting modes. Combined with the Sony sensor it delivers excellent colour reproduction noise reduction and low-light performance.

Shoot sharp images without hand shake
5-axis image stabilization lets you zoom get close-ups and capture night scenes with greater clarity. Compensation is equivalent to a 5.0-stop-faster shutter speed. [1] Pitch [2] Yaw: for long focal lengths [3] Horizontal [4] Vertical: for sideways/up-down during close-ups and macros [5] Roll: for rotation during long exposures

Stay focused anytime anywhere
Auto focus is improved by optimally applying the advancements of the α9 including the unique 4D FOCUS for wide-area ultra-fast and steadfast tracking over time. With 693 phase-detection and 425 contrast-detection AF points the sensor provides wide and high-density AF covering approximately 93% of the image.

Continuous focus on active subjects
When you’re tracking a fast-moving subject the camera can utilize built-in AI-based Real-time Tracking. This subject-recognition algorithm draws on colour pattern (brightness) subject distance (depth) and face/eye information to recognize and hold onto your subject.

Capture the eyes to capture the shot
Real-time Eye AF highlights Sony’s Speed x AI technology. For both stills and movies when a face is partially hidden looking down or even backlit focus stays on the subject’s eye for reliably impressive portraits. It supports all AF modes and when [Face/Eye Priority in AF] is set to ON it’s activated three ways: custom key half-pressing the shutter or the AF-ON button.

Capture focus with animal eyes too
With cutting-edge algorithms the α7C supports Real-time Eye AF with animal eyes for still shots. Focus on the eye instead of the nose or whiskers will greatly increase your success in capturing images of animals from favourite pets at home to unpredictable wildlife. Tracking continues even if the subject is partially obscured or if your camera orientation changes.

Activate Real-time Tracking anytime with the AF-ON button
When the focus mode is AF-S AF-A AF-C or Direct Manual Focus Real-time Tracking can now be activated by the AF-ON button. This is a convenient way to capture moving subjects in snapshots even with the focus mode set to AF-S. Being able to initiate Real-time Tracking simply with a thumb press anytime under AF modes expands your shooting possibilities.

Intuitive touch operation and display
When using Real-time Tracking etc. touching the LCD monitor can initiate auto focus for both stills and movies. Touching the LCD monitor under selected settings such as this allows for intuitive AF operation. When not using AF focus can be checked with a quick glance at the LCD monitor. In Direct Manual Focus or manual focus (MF) modes it brings up a peaking function that colour-highlights the area of sharpest focus to adjust the focus point. Choose from four peaking colours for best visibility or contrast. This is especially effective when delicate focusing is required like shooting with a macro lens.

Don’t miss the best shot of a moving subject
The α7C is capable of continuous shooting at up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking and up to 8fps in live-view mode to keep focus on a moving subject and capture precise moments. When combined with silent shooting at up to 10fps it becomes possible to photograph in sound-sensitive environments or capture active babies or pets without shutter sounds disturbing them.

Auto focus that works when it is getting dark
Advanced algorithms contribute to high auto focus and distance-measurement precision even at light levels as low as EV–4 in the AF-S mode allowing for shots with precise AF even when scenes are dark.

Take 4K movies to a higher level
Enjoy shooting movies with the depth-of-field control beautiful bokeh and the clean low-light scenes only possible with a full-frame sensor. The α7C shoots 4K (QFHD: 840 x 2160) using full-pixel readout and 6K oversampling for exceptional detail with minimal moiré and jaggies.

Movie-making profiles for expressive creativity
With S-Log3 gamma profiles you can capture the full dynamic range of a scene with up to 14 stops giving you access to fine details and gradations in both shadows and highlights during post-production. Alternatively the HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) mode allows for direct HDR movie playback and workflows. In addition the α7C has various Picture Profile settings to expand your possibilities for movie-making.

In-camera high-speed slow-motion effects
It’s easy to create movies in-camera at frame rates from 1 to 120/100fps for up to 60x quick motion and 5x slow motion in Full HD resolution. Turn everyday motion into extraordinary artistic moments with ease to add drama and excitement to your movies.

Designed for movie-making
The MOVIE button has been moved to the top panel to improve access when shooting from different angles including from waist-level and for selfie or vlogging shots. Also the α7C codes vertical orientation in metadata so after uploading to social media via a smartphone the newly popular vertical movie format plays back correctly eliminating the need for post-editing on a PC.

Clear digital audio recording
The α7C supports a digital audio interface through the camera’s Multi Interface (MI) Shoe. A digital microphone like the ECM-B1M Shotgun Microphone or XLR-K3M XLR Adaptor Kit provide clear digital audio for all kinds of movie recording enhancing the sound to match the image. Like other MI shoe accessories no cables or batteries are required providing unrestrained freedom for movie-making.

Expandable video creativity
External mic and headphone jacks help you customize your movie-shooting process. The headphone jack supports high-quality headphones for accurate sound monitoring and the audio output timing can be set to Live for optimal monitoring or Lip Sync to sync video and audio outputs together. You can connect a wide variety of external microphones to the mic input for great sound in varied environments.

Easy vlogging with a cable-free shooting grip
The compact and lightweight α7C is ideal for high-quality imaging during travel and vlogging. For easy one-handed shooting the GP-VPT2BT grip via wireless Bluetooth® connection puts key camera functions including zoom record and shutter controls in easy reach and even converts to a mini-tripod. Match it with the ECM-B1M microphone for a compact cable-free vlogging system.