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Free shipping available on orders over $100, including TV's!

α6100 APS-C camera with fast AF

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Unparalleled AF performance for breathtaking shots
Fast accurate autofocus captures fleeting moments in stunning detail thanks to a combination of innovative technologies. A total of 425 phase-detection AF points work in conjunction with contrast-detection AF to achieve a remarkable 0.02-s acquisition speed while High-density AF Tracking Technology reliably follows even erratically moving subjects.

Real-time Tracking maintains steady focus on your subject
When you're tracking a fast-moving subject the camera's automatic motion tracker uses an AI subject recognition algorithm that draws on colour pattern (brightness) subject distance (depth) and face/eye information to recognize and maintain focus on your subject.

Reliable Real-time Eye AF for better portrait shots
The camera's Real-time Eye AF system detects and autofocuses on the eyes of your subjects when you half-press the shutter and you can even prioritize your subject's left or right eye. When AF-C is set it maintains a stable focus even when the face is partially hidden or backlit or the subject is facing downward.

Real-time Eye AF for animal
The subject-recognition technology used in Real-time Eye AF has been adapted to support animal as well as human. When activated it provides fast precise automatic detection and tracking of animals' eyes for better pet portraits and wildlife shots.

High-speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking
Capture every instant of fast-moving action with continuous shooting at up to 11fps or 8fps in silent-shutter mode and for up to 77 frames. Display lag has been minimized so even in the live-view mode up to 8fps can be precisely captured. Continuously shot images can conveniently be displayed in groups in playback mode.

Accurate autofocus even in dim lighting
Highly accurate autofocus is possible even in dark settings thanks to the camera's sophisticated AF algorithm. High AF sensitivity means reliable AF-S autofocus all the way down to EV -2.

Versatile touch operations
The camera's LCD panel supports intuitive touch operations such as Touch Pad (to smoothly move the focus point) Touch Focus (to set the focus point) Touch Shutter (to release the shutter) and Touch Tracking (to activate Real-Time AF).

Focus Magnifier for finer focus adjustment in both MF/AF modes
When extra-accurate focus is called for such as when you're taking macro shots you can display a magnified view of the general area you want to focus on. You can then finely adjust the exact point of focus using the touchscreen or the focus point selector.

Easy manual focus with clearly visible peaking
When you're using manual focus the camera will colour-highlight the most sharply focused section of the entire image area. Selectable high contrast peaking colours include blue red yellow and white giving you clear visibility of in-focus areas when you're doing the delicate focusing required for macro or portrait shooting.

An innovative image-processing system
The camera's APS-C size 24.2-megapixel ExmorTM CMOS sensor provides a wide sensitivity range and excellent low-noise performance. In conjunction with the latest-generation BIONZ XTM image processing engine it delivers beautiful high-resolution images with superior image clarity and texture reproduction.

Stunning image quality low noise and a wide ISO range
The camera has a wide sensitivity range of ISO 100–32000 expanded up to 51200 for stills. Even when you're shooting at high sensitivity in dim lighting excellent low-noise performance ensures high-quality images. By applying noise reduction and sharpness processing selectively across the frame Area-specific Noise Reduction and Detail Reproduction Technology contribute to fine reproduction of subject textures and shadow details.

Lifelike skin tones
The skin tone feature inherited from our latest highly acclaimed full-frame cameras captures the natural beauty of human skin tones helping you take portraits that look their best.

Creative Style and Picture Effect
With the camera's Creative Style feature you can choose settings like Vivid or Portrait to create a specific look for your photo and fine-tune an image's exposure contrast colour saturation and sharpness. Picture Effect provides effects like Partial Colour and Miniature to add some creative flair to your shots.

14-bit RAW output for rich tonal gradation
True 14-bit RAW images are delivered via a high-performance LSI and the BIONZ X image processor. To retain the smoothest most natural tonal gradations all processing occurs at 16-bit preventing any dithering or processing errors from being introduced into the final 14-bit RAW image output. [1] Image Sensor [2] The latest high-speed front-end LSI [3] 16-bit Image processing

4K movie recording in high-bit-rate XAVC S format
Super 35-mm format 4K movie recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning allows oversampling of around 2.4x the image information needed for 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160). By downscaling from the equivalent of 6K resolution captured videos benefit from even more realism and depth. The high-bit-rate (up to 100 Mbps for 4K 30p/24p) XAVC S video codec ensures professional-quality images in a consumer-friendly format.

Steady precise AF tracking for better movies
Fast Hybrid AF provides high speed accuracy and excellent tracking performance to meet the stringent autofocus demands of 4K movies. AF tracking sensitivity can be adjusted for either stable focus or responsive refocusing depending on the nature of the scene and Touch Tracking lets you initiate tracking of a moving subject simply by touching the LCD screen.

Slow and Quick motion and high-speed 120fps recording
Slow motion (at up to 5x) and quick motion (at up to 60x) video can be produced in-camera with no post-processing required at up to Full HD resolution. Additionally high bit-rate (up to 100 Mbps) and high frame-rate (up to 120p) Full HD recordings can be used to create slow-motion movies in post-production.

Sophisticated capabilities for high-quality movie-making
The α6100 is ready for videography workflows with clean HDMI output variable framerates and proxy recording. In addition a range of functions are included to enhance movie recording accuracy such as the display of overlay markers or gridlines zebra exposure metering or ISO values when shooting with ISO Auto. It's also easy to extract still frames directly from your movies in playback mode.

Support for high-quality mic and audio input
An external microphone can be attached directly via the camera's microphone jack and you also have an option for line and 48-V phantom powered input using the separately available XLR adaptor kit. This allows the connection of a wide range of high-end microphones for better audio in your movie recordings.

Interval Shooting for time-lapse movies
Interval Shooting with a set interval between 1 and 60 seconds is available within the camera and the resulting still images can be edited into a time-lapse movie on a PC. A simple variable-speed preview function allows you to see images on the camera showing how the finished movie will look.

180°-tiltable LCD screen
The 3.0-type LCD monitor offers 921k-dot resolution for a clear view of what you're shooting. It's designed to tilt upward a full 180° and downward by 74° for easy framing of vlogs and selfies and more convenient low-angle and high-angle shooting.

Square aspect ratio tailored for social media
In addition to 3:2 and 16:9 aspect (width-to-height) ratios you can also select a 1:1 aspect ratio – ideal for sharing images on social media platforms. This means that you no longer need to hand-trim your images after shooting when you're planning to post them.

Custom functions for smoother operation
Up to eight of the camera's keys and controls can be custom-assigned to any of 89 shooting and replay functions. The My Menu feature allows flexible assignment of 30 menu items and the custom settings screen helps keep track of everything. Helpful guides for menu items are also available with a single button press on the menu screen.

Still-image ratings and deletion protection
During playback mode still images can be given ratings and protected from deletion. Both these functions can be accessed via pre-assigned custom keys.

Simple control over white-balance settings
Custom setting of white balance is simple to adjust and you can select an AWB priority setting when shooting with incandescent lighting – either warmer Atmosphere Priority or White Priority for purer whites.

Versatile flash functions
When shooting with compatible wireless flash units rear-curtain sync and slow sync can be selected – part of the camera's range of creative options for lighting.

One-touch remote One-touch sharing location information
The One-touch remote feature lets you use your mobile device as a viewfinder and remote control. One-touch sharing allows you to transfer photos and videos to a mobile device for social media sharing. The camera can also use your mobile phone's location data via Bluetooth® to geo-tag your images. (These mobile device functions are available via Sony's Imaging Edge Mobile app.)

Imaging Edge desktop applications
Elevate your photography with the Imaging Edge desktop applications. Use Remote to control and monitor live shooting from your PC screen; Viewer to quickly preview rate and select photos from large image libraries; and Edit to develop RAW data into high-quality photos for delivery. Get the best from Sony RAW files and manage your productions more efficiently.

Works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X
This product is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.