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Free shipping available on orders over $100, including TV's!
Free shipping available on orders over $100, including TV's!

ECM-LV1 Compact Stereo Lavalier Microphone

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High-quality stereo sound pickup
The ECM-LV1 features two advanced omni-directional microphone capsules for clear high-quality stereo sound pickup.

Included wind screen
The included foam wind-screen is designed to reduce wind noise that occurs when strong wind or breath impacts the microphone. 

Compact size
The compact size of the ECM-LV1 allows for unobtrusive mic attachment.

360-degree rotation Clip
Featuring a 360-degree rotation Clip, the ECM-LV1 offers freedom of attachment angle, whether horizontally on a necktie, vertically on a collar or pocket or even at arbitrary angle on a coat lapel. The black color is also unobtrusive. 

Plug-in-power system is provided, allowing sound pickup without a battery. 

Wide compatibility
The standard 3.5 mm audio jack has wide compatibility with cameras, recorders, smartphones and PCs!
That have 3.5mm audio input connectivity or with additional connector cables depending on your device. The approximately 40”  (1-meter) cable allows for ample and convenient connection.