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Free shipping available on orders over $100, including TV's!

AKA-LU1 Handheld Grip With LCD Screen for Action Cam

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Capture every thrill with an LCD screen
when things get hectic, easily review and monitor shots accurately with an LCD screen that rotates so you always see your subject

Relive all the action with instant playback
when the adrenaline’s still pumping, watch your video almost immediately after shooting

Built for adventure and comfort
the handheld grip has a sleek yet robust design which is easy to hold when you’re shooting on the move

Easily attach other Action Cam accessories
there’s a tripod hole on the bottom of the handheld grip so you can mount your Action Cam to a tripod for steadier shots

Capture in a first-person point of view Body copy
Capture the excitement hands-free. With the BLT-CHM1 Action Cam Clip Head Mount Kit, you'll be able to easily attach your camera to your hat, goggles or head using the clip or adjustable belt.

Lightweight and comfortable
Pop your camera on and off easily. Quickly reposition the camera with the dial screw. The head mount keeps your Action Cam in place when you're racing down the slopes, cycling through the mountains or doing tricks on the half-pipe.

From Action Cam to Handycam®
Enjoy the secure grip and instant playback of a Handycam with your Action Cam. The handheld grip with rotatable LCD screen allows for steadier shooting options.

A steadier shot of the action
The action doesn’t stop when you’re off the slopes. Fit your Action Cam into the handheld grip for steadier shooting on the go or on a tripod with instant playback.